By Mack Mooney

Since it was mentioned by Plato around 360BC, the lost city of Atlantis (the 'Island of Atlas') has been the subject of fascination and speculation by scholars and quacks ever since.
   Did it really exist? Did it conquer half the known world? Did it sink beneath the waves?
   The word will be forever associated with the sea and power and mystery. The name lives on in that great ocean, the Atlantic.
   It also lives on in a stunning range of power boats originating in a smaller, but much more luxury conscious body of water, the Mediterranean.
   Atlantis is now the name on many of the most desirable boats in the Med.
   They are part of the Azimut-Benetti Group whose history goes back to 1873 and have made some wonderful ships. Including, in 1980, one of the world's largest, the 281ft superyacht 'Nabila' (now renamed) which featured in the Bond movie Never Say Never Again.
   The group claims one of the keys to its success is bringing the owner on...
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Wow, those side windows are terirific! The video gives you a good look at them.


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